Three-day Workshop

Three-day Workshop



Day One

Fitting, Cutting and Making a Boned Bodice for Today’s Bride

We will teach you this technique, which is the go-to method for strapless gowns or dress styles with sheer or lace tops and where the bodice needs to be structured, including designs where the neck is high and the back is low or backless. Slim-fitting, soft floaty gowns or full skirted, too.

Day Two

Fitting, Cutting and Making Sheer or Lace Overlays, with or without Sleeves

Working with stretch sheers and laces to create inlays and overlays to add to high and low necklines and backless dresses. This includes fastenings, finishing detail and adding lace, which can be attached or left loose to be worn as a separate garment.

Day Three

The Secrets of Inner Bodice Control

An essential workshop for anyone making a professional gown because all the best dresses have inner-fit control… You wear the underpinnings and the underpinnings wear the dress! To include bust cups, laced stays, boned stabilisers, bra loops and modesty panels. These will not only give a perfect secure fit but will also create beautiful smooth lines to your outer garment.

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