7 dresses in 7 days - Made by me for me

Our first ever 7 dresses in 7 days challenge! 

DAY 1 💕

It’s Monday morning, a beautiful day and a wonderful fresh start to the week.

So now for something completely different. I set myself a seven-day dress challenge. 7 dresses in 7 days. Made by me, for me. 

Easy, every day dresses. Things I love to wear. Not couture. Not too perfect. For fun, for fashion and for functionality. 

Ooooo I managed to sneak in a couple of tops too. You know, as you do from the leftovers. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn for myself. You will see from my little old sewing machine. But I am back LOVING IT !! 💕

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Fabric available mail order #cuttinglinedesigns


DAY 2 💕

Today’s dress is another easy make. It is made of the same beautiful quality stretch jersey as yesterday. I bought this Fabric from #cuttinglinedesigns. The pattern number is Burda 6575

I added an extra little detail in the back by recycling a Ted Baker skirt Zip I had in an old skirt. 

I LOVE this dress. So comfy, easy to wear. Casual but feels smart.

Now I have finished two dresses. Yes, there were scraps 💕 so I used the bodice of yesterday’s pattern to create this top. Pattern McCalls M7430

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DAY 3 💕

Today’s dress is a super easy pattern Burda 6626. Is it wrong to love a pattern soooo much, that every piece of stretch fabric you pick up, you only have eyes for one design? If so, this is it! I have planned at least two more 💕

Don’t you just love it when you buy fabrics, trims, beads etc, on your travels? It makes your ‘me makes’ very special. I bought this fabric back from Israel. Used by an Israeli designer called Michal Negrin. Once again I had a sneaky bit left for a top. So I combined another fave pattern (you have seen it every day so far) McCalls 7430 with Agnes from Tilly and the Buttons.

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DAY 4 💕

So today’s dress is a casual shirt style. I originally had this in mind for a workshop. The exercise being simple. Lengthening a favourite shirt pattern into a dress. And now’s the perfect time. The shirt dress is big for Spring/Summer 2019.

 I used this wonderful pattern called ‘The Blouse Perfected’ designed by Louise Cutting of  #cuttinglinedesigns

The fabric also came from her online fabric store. But basically, it’s cotton. This style would work well in any light/medium weight fabric.

Not sure to wear with a belt or not? What do you think?

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DAY 5 💕

Today’s dress was inspired by a little designer shop I found in Madrid. They had nothing but handmade A-line dresses. On day one I liked them. By the end of the week after walking past the shop every day, I was desperate to have one.

Once again I used a #cuttinglinedesigns pattern called ‘Putting it Together‘. A vest top or ‘shell’ elongated into the dress. 

The black cotton/linen also came from there. The Orange patterned silk is a vintage piece I had in my stash.

Then the best bit for me is the orange beads. I brought them back from Madrid. I swear to you when we booked the hotel we had NO IDEA there were at least SIX bead shops within walking distance. Can you just imagine that! 💕

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DAY 6 💕

We all make clothes for different reasons. For me, it’s about being creative, the beauty of the fabric, and I am madly in love with fashion. This dress is more fashion lead and I totally adore the shape. It is completely on-trend and that makes me feel ‘fabulous over 50!’ The pattern is Vogue 1406. Slightly more complicated than those previously. Mainly due to the fact it’s asymmetrical which means the right and left needed to be cut out individually. 

I have to admit I did need to refer to the instructions a few times for this one! I bought the fabric in a little sewing shop in Weymouth. It was only £5 a metre. And I think it’s FABULOUS. You can’t tell at first glance but those patterns aren’t flowers they are skulls. I LOVE IT!!

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DAY 7 💕

So here we are, the last day of my challenge. 😭 I saved the most complicated dress to the end. The Pattern is designer Ralph Rucci Vogue 1381. There are quite a few pattern pieces for the top to contend with. And a whole lot of markings to follow for the many rows of top-stitching. Which I ignored 😊. I figured if I followed the general direction of the stitching it will look great anyway. 

If I was to do it precisely as the pattern said, one little tweak to the fit would have thrown the lines out anyway! There are three fabrics included. Once again all from #cuttinglinedesigns. The main fabric is a gorgeous firm cotton Japanese print. Combined with a deep rusty red print and a plain black topstitched in red. I appliquéd two of the flowers from the print to be at the end of the ties to form tassels.

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